About the Campaign

Feed Your Way has one simple goal: to make Nottingham a breastfeeding-friendly city. We can all play a part – whether big or small – to make this happen. Feed Your Way unites every person and organisation in Nottingham who wants to support the cause.

Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC) commissioned Hitch Marketing to develop a breastfeeding public health campaign for Nottingham in 2022.

Feed Your Way was co-created with Nottingham families and residents, health professionals and business owners. We conducted extensive market research and spoke to thousands of local families.

Our research showed us that breastfeeding families wanted:

  • to feel empowered to feed their way – however they want, for as long as they want.
  • to be able to have honest and open conversations about the realities of breastfeeding.
  • to understand the challenges and have access to tailored support.

We also found that the friends and family members who are supporting breastfeeding women wanted:

  • clear and easy ways to show their support.
  • information on where to find evidence-based answers to their questions about breastfeeding.

The Feed Your Way campaign was designed with this research in mind.

What we're doing

Feed Your Way supports every parent in Nottingham to breastfeed for as long as they want to - that could mean trying it once, or continuing for many months. We're empowering the Nottingham community to make our city a breastfeeding-friendly place to live, work and study. Find out how you can make impact.

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