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Breastfeeding looks different for every family.

We spoke to six Nottinghamshire-based families about their breastfeeding experiences. They told us about some of the challenges they faced, and the special moments they shared. They also had advice – from things they wished they knew, to information they found along the way.

Find out how Becca, Eleanor, Robyn, Vanitha and Jessica are feeding their way.

Eleanor & Iain

Meet Eleanor and her partner, Iain. They have three daughters, including twins who Eleanor is currently tandem feeding. Iain is Eleanor’s biggest supporter and has lots of ways to bond with his daughters while Eleanor feeds.

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Meet Robyn. She’s a healthcare professional and has recently returned to work. She tandem fed her children. With support from her employer, she is now expressing for her youngest.

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Becca & Georgie

Meet Becca and her wife, Georgie. They have both breastfed their children. Georgie breastfed their first daughter and is now supporting Becca who is breastfeeding their youngest.

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Meet Vanitha. She is expecting her second daughter and is planning to breastfeed. She’s got support from her mum and partner and is reminding herself of what worked the first time around.

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Meet Clare. She believes that the good things in life shouldn’t stop when you start breastfeeding. She’s found a way to balance breastfeeding and staying engaged with her community – in a way that works for her.

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Meet Jessica. She’s a mum of two. She’s currently breastfeeding her youngest son, Marley, who was born three months premature.

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