Becca & Georgie

Meet Becca and Georgie

Becca and Georgie are from Beeston. They are mums to Minnie and Persie. Georgie breastfed Minnie until she was two and a half years old. Together, they experienced establishing feeding, combining feeding and going back to work. When Persie was born they had a better idea of how to prepare and where to get support. They found that a lactation consultant was the right choice for them. They also attended feeding groups and spoke with health professionals and peer supporters who helped them through the journey. 

Although they were well prepared, Becca and Georgie found the first 6 to 8 weeks of breastfeeding really challenging. They think that it’s important that other families are aware that it can be tough at the start. But, with time and patience, they also found that it does get better. Becca and Georgie’s journey was made smoother by friends who did small but important things – like picking up groceries – which allowed them to focus on breastfeeding. This was really important at the start.

Becca now does most of the feeding, but Georgie maintains her supply to comfort-feed Persie if needed. 

Both Becca and Georgie expressed their milk to continue feeding when they went back to work. Georgie’s workplace gave her a private room she could go to express and a fridge to store her milk. Becca uses a breast pump while working – she feels comfortable pumping through video calls and around some colleagues.

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