Meet Robyn

Robyn lives in Nottinghamshire with her husband and two children, Evelyn and Oakley. Robyn breastfed Evelyn until she gave birth to Oakley. She chose to tandem-fed them both for a little while, but is now exclusively feeding Oakley. 

Robyn is a healthcare professional so she knew a lot about breastfeeding before she was pregnant. But she still had worries and questions. One of her biggest fears was around feeding outdoors. She struggled at first. But she built up the confidence to feed comfortably and more regularly over time.

Robyn’s sister had breastfed all five of her children, so Robyn knew she could rely on her for support. Robyn found that honest conversations about the good and challenging aspects of breastfeeding really helped her to feel more prepared. 

Robyn is now comfortable breastfeeding Oakley anywhere. Her partner and family keep her company during the longer feeds they give her the support she needs.

Robyn expresses at work. She chose to do this because she wanted Oakley to continue receiving breastmilk. She felt supported by her employers, who have given her a private space to pump, a fridge to store her milk, and flexibility in her working day so that she can express when she needs to. The support she has had from her family and employers  has helped Robyn continue feeding both of her babies for as long as she’s wanted to.

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