Meet Clare

Clare lives in Clifton with her two sons, Jack and Oliver. She has a busy life, teaching roller-skating and hula-hooping, and also volunteers for a charity.

Clare lives as a single mum. Because her days are usually busy, she thinks of breastfeeding as a chance to spend valuable peaceful moments with Oliver. She’s found a way to stay healthy and happy by incorporating breastfeeding with the activities she has always loved – like roller-skating and giving back to her community. Clare shares a love for roller-skating with her eldest son, Jack. She takes breaks to feed Oliver when they are out together. 

She also joins her partner at his martial arts centre. It’s a place where she feels happy and confident breastfeeding. Getting used to breastfeeding in these familiar places has made her feel more comfortable with feeding when she’s out and about.

For Clare, breastfeeding is an important part of her life – and she chooses to balance it with other things that bring her happiness. With the right support, she has found many ways to make it work for her and her family.

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