Meet Vanitha

Vanitha lives in Hyson Green with her partner and their daughter. Vanitha was 39 weeks pregnant with her second daughter at the time we spoke to her. She was preparing herself for labour and was determined to breastfeed, like she had with her first. 

Breastfeeding did not come easily for Vanitha. She had a C-section with her first daughter so establishing feeding wasn’t easy. But with time and patience it got better, and eventually became an experience she enjoyed. Breastfeeding can be physically and emotionally tough, especially after a significant operation and all the limitations that come with it. But along with the challenges came a lot of special moments.

Vanitha sees breastfeeding as the most practical solution for her and her baby. She likes to get out and about, and breastfeeding means that she doesn’t have to worry about bottles. She also found breastfeeding was a good way to soothe her baby.

Every breastfeeding experience is different. As Vanitha prepares for the arrival of her second baby, she is reminding herself of all the things that helped her figure out breastfeeding the first time around. Vanitha is positive that a calm mindset will help her navigate most challenges. If things get too much, she plans to turn to her support network.

Vanitha is looking forward to the first times that her daughter will start communicating with her while feeding, with eye contact and those little smiles and gurgles. This is what kept her going through her first experience.

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